Integrated process manufacturing software


Whether you're in food and beverage, chemicals or life sciences, IFS has the solution.

Can you deliver seamless supply chain communication with subsidiaries, suppliers, partners, and customers—whether they are across town or across the globe? Can you monitor processes across geographical and departmental boundaries? Or easily sense and respond to changes in demand to strike a balance between customer service and cost of supply?
How do you maintain quality amid increasing variation in raw ingredients, recipes and packaging? How do you ensure that your supply chain is swift, while retaining complete control over every single item that goes through it? And how do you handle demand planning and material management?
IFS is a flexible, integrated enterprise solution for large and midsize production plants, distribution sites and sales offices in the food & beverage, chemicals, life sciences, and paint & coatings industries. Its rich functionality supports your business processes from recipe creation through sales and marketing, production, distribution and after-sales services.

IFS process manufacturing software includes mixed-mode production capabilities for process, make-to-stock, make-to-order and batch—in combination with line-based repetitive production—or any combination of the above. It has the product traceability needed for a swift, cost-effective response, achieved through lot-number tracking for all inventory. Traceability starts with the batch through to finished goods and the distribution chain.
Industry-specific functionality begins with formulation and recipe management, batch balancing and multiple units of measure (MUoM), all native to IFS, as are full traceability and genealogy tracking. IFS product development is market-driven and based on the changing needs of industrial manufacturers. IFS' inherent agility, based on a robust technical platform, leaves its industry users ready to respond to market and technology changes that can’t as yet be fully anticipated.
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