The future of Service Management technology

Adopt Tomorrow's Service Delivery Models to Maximize Customer Outcomes

Service is the New Product. And it Enables the Move to Outcomes.


Delivering ground-breaking products is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts and minds. You must deliver the desired outcomes that customers have for their assets and equipment. Discover how IFS can help you embrace the service delivery models of the future, such as predictive maintenance, and harness new innovations like IoT, AI, and process automation to delight customers.

Download the eBook now to discover how IFS empowers you to:


  • Adopt predictive maintenance and outcomes-based service
  • Monitor equipment and assets using IoT to predict and prevent downtime and outages
  • Leverage machine learning models to improve first-time fix rate
  • Harness process automation technologies to deliver ground-breaking efficiencies
  • Scale innovations in a fraction of the time, like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

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EBook: The Future Of Service Management Technology

Download our eBook and explore the value your organization can gain by adopting the service delivery models of the future, such as predictive maintenance and outcomes-based service.

IFS Cloud In ACTION For Service Management

Explore how we’re helping companies across industries embrace the move to outcomes and develop new offerings where service is the product. See for yourself how IFS can help your organization embrace the service delivery models of the future, provide more value to customers, and deliver the top-line growth and profitability that shareholders want.

IFS Service Management Brochure

Today, customer expectations are higher than ever before, and service organizations are expected to deliver successful customer outcomes while navigating an uncertain and unpredictable landscape. To meet these customer expectations, you need a service management solution that’s engineered to master complexity.

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