Optimizing asset investment in the energy sector 

Today’s energy sector is complex, diverse, and facing unprecedented pressure and change. In an asset-intensive sector, managing, maintaining, and upgrading a distributed portfolio of linear, vertical, and portable assets poses several strategic and practical dilemmas.

But technology has a key role in enabling an effective asset management strategy and creating opportunities for business transformation with data insights and optimized asset operations, maintenance, and performance efficiencies.

This eBook explores:

  • Asset management challenges and opportunities in the energy sector
  • The role of data insights and digital twins in planning and realizing assets
  • How IFS Cloud automates the management of assets and projects in a single, seamless platform?

Taking a proactive approach to predictive asset maintenance

The transition to decentralization and diversified assets is happening, whether energy & utility organizations are fully prepared to make the shift or not. In order to better manage their assets and operations, many businesses have turned to risk-based predictive asset maintenance and monitoring technologies, yet some continue to rely on traditional scheduled, or reactive, asset management strategies, leaving a lot on the table. 

Predictive Asset Maintenance for the Decentralized Utility

IFS partnered with Zpryme to survey more than 100 utilities to better understand the shifting landscape. This report discusses how to move away from a break-fix model within an asset maintenance strategy, and explores the changing dynamic between utilities and customers.

Optimize data insights from assets in the energy sector

Assets, processes & technology in Energy sector have evolved over the last decade. With asset data collected, Asset & Maintenance Managers can make intelligent decisions to change the maintenance frequency, service the assets, or replace where required. Cloud technology enables data driven decision making to be managed within a single product, reducing integration across the IT architecture.


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