Agristo revolutionizes maintenance operation with IFS Ultimo EAM

As the capacity grew, Agristo saw its maintenance requirements grow with it. This resulted in operational inefficiency. IFS Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management platform offered all the features the company required. It helped regaining control and took away the chaos.

Agristo uses Ultimo across operations, making most of the submodules available in the system, including Production, Quality control, and Health and Safety. However, the company has also worked with Ultimo consultants to customize the software to meet its unique requirements.

Challenges Agristo faced:

  • No consistency in maintenance management between sites.
  • Lack of operational data made it difficult to improve.
  • Outdated view of maintenance operation held back adoption of preventive maintenance models.

Read this customer story to learn how Agristo overcame these challenges.


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"Ultimo has been a game-changer, helping us change the whole mentality when it comes to maintenance. With Ultimo, the chaos is gone."

Steven Volckaert,

Group Maintenance Manager, Agristo

About Agristo

Specialising in own-label brands, Agristo has been manufacturing frozen potato products, such as traditional Belgian fries, for the global market since 1986.

Benefits seen using IFS Ultimo

  • 5% increase in uptime.
  • One, simple-to-use EAM system used across all sites.
  • A clear set of maintenance data to use to benchmark progress.
  • A solution Agristo can easily customize to its needs.

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