Antonius Zorggroep

Improved services and innovative capacity with IFS Ultimo Cloud

With the Ultimo Cloud application that was implemented in the summer of 2022, Antonius Zorggroep has seen improved services and reduced management costs. The old IFS Ultimo system, used by several departments, was outdated and an update was necessary.

With their move to the cloud, the Antonius Zorggroep is now secured of always using the latest version of Ultimo. The Ultimo EAM platform is taking care of all their administrative needs and the quality and reliability of the data are higher.


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“We are more up to date and can develop faster because we no longer require customization.”

Erik Bakker

Advisor Information Management at Antonius Zorggroep

About Antonius Zorggroep

Antonius consists of a hospital and over 30 home care teams. They offer broad service of care package, including hospital care, home care, emergency care, care mediation and home services via Thuishotel.

Achieved results with IFS Ultimo:

  • The most current version of Ultimo was implemented within a year.
  • The company processes supported by Ultimo have been optimised.
  • The quality and reliability of the data are higher.

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