Bristol Port Company

Bristol Port Company improves safety and engineering management with IFS Ultimo

Bristol Port started the implementation of the IFS Ultimo Enterprise Management (EAM) solution in 2021 to replace its existing maintenance management system. The goal was to increase safety, reduce complexity and enable standardization across the port.

The implementation of IFS Ultimo has evolved the Port’s business processes: the management team at Bristol Port now has complete control over the data that is being collected enabling better business decisions in the future.


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“IFS Ultimo enables us to reduce complexities and improve efficiencies.”

Richard Ashley-Smith

Asset Manager at Bristol Port Company

About Bristol Port

Ports are the gateways to the whole world: The city of Bristol was built on shipping and the roots of its modern business trace back to the 1870s.


  • A future-proofed, integrated and centralized Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System.
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety staff and contractors.
  • Better visualization of hazardous and non-hazardous work, enabling quicker and more comprehensive deconfliction of work.

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