Cape Air

Cape Air’s Transformative Sustainability Journey

An IFS customer since 2014, Massachusetts-based airline Cape Air has successfully embarked on a transformative path towards becoming a sustainable business.
Since using digital advancements in IFS software to support maintenance operations and records, Cape Air has cut physical paperwork by over 50%, making huge strides in aviation sustainability.


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“We gained the ability to manage our fleet configuration in a way that had not been possible before. We now have in our hands a modern, user-friendly planning tool that empowers our users to forecast
our usages and maintenance events & make sure that we’re operating in an efficient way.”

Isaiah Herrick

IFS Maintenix Program Coordinator at Cape Air

About Cape Air

Since 1989, Cape Air has served some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, to include southern New England to Hyannis, Nantucket, New Bedford, Martha’s Vineyard and Providence, RI.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Improved ability to manage fleet configuration
  • Modernized maintenance planning
  • Enabled greater financial performance visibility
  • Standardized reporting across all aspects of operations

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A strong partnership with IFS was a key contributing factor to the successful implementation.

It was important for Cape Air to find a system that was customizable to fit their operations and backed by a company that was reputable in the industry.
Cape Air is committed to evolving its operations for the benefit of its customers, with IFS Maintenix playing a key role. Cape Air gained the ability to better manage their maintenance data, along with financial visibility.

An important factor in Cape Air’s decision to move forward with IFS Maintenix, was its fleet management capabilities, its ability to handle complexity and diversity, data migration and multiple aircraft types.


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