IFS Cloud supports Elvia to solve the energy problems of tomorrow

The company's reliance on IFS since 2000 is due to its comprehensive functionality. The evergreen IFS Cloud solution, is vital for addressing future energy demands by leveraging data for calculations, automations, and improving the electricity grid. With 1,200+ daily users and thousands in the field, IFS supports Elvia’s operations effectively.

The recent launch of IFS Cloud alongside four large systems showcases its maturity, crucial in managing pivotal asset processes for an advanced enterprise architecture.

Assets Type:


“We know that IFS is strong in the broadness of the functionality that we need. So, it was quite easy to re-choose IFS as a new solution for the company.”

Jon Andreas Pretorius

About Elvia

Elvia is responsible for Norway’s largest power network, supplying electricity to almost two million people.

Benefits seen using IFS:


  • An evergreen solution
  • Data quality improvements for decision making
  • Automations
  • Field Service support
  • Support in asset management

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