IFS gives hela clothing a tailored solution for the global market

Hela required greater communication flow across the organization and with its customers.
The Hela Clothing is a dynamic organization that has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. In order to ensure its growth remained sustainable during this period of expansion, it required rigorous, consistent business disciplines and controls to be in place at all times.

Communication flow, in particular, was the greatest challenge to the business. With multiple facilities across the world, including design centers in the US and Sri Lanka, Hela needed to ensure that all processes, from the initial design phase to final delivery, were completely seamless. This data also needed to be shared in its entirety with the organization’s key stakeholders without delay.


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"IFS is a platform which will give us that information right on time. It keeps on driving the business in such a way that it can help the business with accurate information and provide that analysis of where we can improve."

Shameen Peiris

Director of Finance at Hela Clothing

About Hela Clothing

Hela Clothing is a British-owned apparel manufacturer which has operated in Sri Lanka for more than two decades. Hela creates more than 100 million units of clothing annually, operating across 16 manufacturing, printing and embroidery plants, employing more than 11,000 people.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Greater communication flow across the organization
  • Reduced costs and increased revenue
  • Streamlined decision-making processes
  • Increase customer feedback response time

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IFS solutions give Hela the data to drive the business forward

By implementing Finance, Merchandising, Procurement, Document Management and Business Analytics modules, Hela can now manage efficient communication across the organization.
A key benefit for Hela stems from IFS’s ability to provide a tailored solution. Rather than implementing a standard system and have the organization operate around it, Hela could customize IFS Applications™ to suit its unique requirements. In turn, IFS systems have been implemented with potential future changes in mind, meaning Hela can readily adapt to new challenges and changes in the market. After implementing IFS Applications, Hela has become more efficient in communication across the company and its overseas facilities.


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