Loram increases efficiency with IFS and ClickLearn

Loram, based in Hamel, Minnesota, is a prominent provider of railroad track maintenance machinery and services worldwide. Since 2009, Loram has relied on IFS ERP to manage its business and financial operations. With over 340 full licenses, they utilize IFS at their Minnesota headquarters, UK business, and 12 mobile sites across North America.

Dan Doubet, Loram business analyst states the integration of ClickLearn has considerably reduced onboarding costs, streamlined training material creation, and empowered users to access needed information independently, leading to a 50% reduction in help desk calls.


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"At Loram, we have lots of different processes, each posing unique challenges for the user to remember. But now ClickLearn walks the user through the steps that need to be completed. ClickLearn has really
made life here at Loram much easier."

Dan Doubet

Loram, Business Analyst

About Loram

Loram supplies railroad track maintenance machinery and services for customers in North America and internationally. The company offers a number of railroad track maintenance related services. Loram is based in Hamel, Minnesota.

Benefits achieved with IFS

  • Shortens the learning curve for new users
  • Users overwhelmingly positive about ClickLearn training materials
  • 50% reduction in help desk calls
  • Significant reduction in onboarding costs
  • Faster creation of training materials, immediate

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