MagnaFlow goes global with the agility of IFS

MagnaFlow has designed and manufactured its products in Southern California for over 30 years, distributing its range throughout the United States. Today the company also has distribution in Italy and Canada, and sells its products globally. 

 MagnaFlow, a global manufacturer of high-performance automotive parts, was in need of an easy-to-use, scalable enterprise software solution that could grow with the business, as well as enable accurate fulfillment and rapid turn-around and dispatch of customer orders. For MagnaFlow, the solution was IFS.


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“We know we have IFS here to assist us with the technology they put into each and every release to help us get to that next level. We are glad that we have partnered with IFS as it will assist us in moving on, and helping our customers as well.”

VP Information Technology


About MagnaFlow

With over 30 years of providing quality exhaust products for its customers, MagnaFlow’s Stainless Steel Performance exhausts are made for daily driver, off-road truck, performance hot rod or any custom project. Made in the USA, engineered to last and sold worldwide, MagnaFlow delivers performance sound and power for American muscle cars, gasoline and diesel trucks, and Euro/ sport compact cars.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Ease of use and low learning curve
  • Component-based, service-oriented architecture, with modules that can be selected, installed and configured as and when required
  • IFS’s global footprint with support on the ground in MagnaFlow’s markets
  • Supportive on the ground in each of MagnaFlow's markets
  • An agile and scalable solution

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