IFS Ultimo supports Orkla's digital transformation

IFS Ultimo’s Enterprise Asset Management platform has been selected by Orkla to manage activities for projects at its site in Sweden.

The facility currently uses the cloud-based software solution to ensure that administrative assignments and maintenance tasks at the site are carried out efficiently and effectively.

This is just the start for Orkla. Implementing the software across other departments in the near future will lead to improved cooperation between the operators and the maintenance department.


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"We have been working with Ultimo for a month now, with almost no problems."

Jack Delang

Process Improvement Manager, Orkla

About Orkla

Orkla is a leading company of consumer goods brands that wants to take its share of responsibility and contribute to solving global health and environmental challenges.

Orkla do this by developing healthier foods, reducing food waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, launching products that contribute to circular cycles and promoting responsible business practices throughout the value chain.

  • Optimized maintenance management
  • Reliable support with personal contact
  • Improved cost control

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