IFS streamlines operations for Porta KMI Poland

Porta KMI Poland, a key player in the woodworking market since 1992, specializes in crafting doors and door frames and has gained prominence as a leader in the domestic woodworking market.
To boost efficiency, Porta replaced its management system with IFS ERP software in 2009. IFS ERP streamlined order processes, from customer requests to manufacturing orders, automating procurement and logistics.

It optimized palletization, enhancing the arrangement of products and intermediate items with similar manufacturing methods. This not only improved logistics but also reduced costs for Porta.

 The specific feature of Porta’s plants is mass customization, i.e. delivery of a high number of production orders for very short series of products with varied configuration. Moreover, Porta has several manufacturing plants in various locations, with different configuration methods. As a result, a very high number of transactions are related to order delivery.  


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“The entire process of order delivery from routing of the customer order to production to creation of the production order in the manufacturing facility is being handled automatically.”

Ryszard Schwartz

IT Systems Development Director

About Porta KMI Poland

Porta KMI Poland Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the woodwork market since 1992, specializing in manufacturing doors and door frames. Currently, the company is an industry leader among domestic manufacturers. Together with development companies Invest Komfort and SGI Baltis, Porta KMI Poland constitutes Baltis Investment SA capital group. 

Benefits achieved with IFS
  • Automation of planning and production preparation processes
  • Enhancement of configurable production
  • Enhancement of logistics
  • Harmonization of the manufacturing system in all facilities, both in Poland and Romania

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