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IFS delivering agronomy with ProCam UK


ProCam is a specialist agronomy and crop production company with operations in the UK and Poland. Thanks to founder Tony White’s vision and investment from 3i, the ProCam business grew steadily from its formation in 1979, and by 2001 seven regional businesses had merged with ProCam to provide coverage throughout the UK.


ProCam’s network of specialist regional businesses covers the whole of the UK and Poland and has over 30 years’ experience in agronomy and crop production. Together with its teams of ‘on-the-ground’ professional agronomists, ProCam helps producers get the most from their arable enterprises. Over the last 16 years, ProCam customers have consistently achieved on average, 0.8t/ha more wheat than the Defra national average with the company’s top 25 percent producing 2.2t/ha more.


IFS has delivered unprecedented levels of visibility across the business enabling ProCam to reduce its volume of paid for stock by 25 percent.


"There’s a level of openness you don’t get with other ERP vendors. We know that we can pick up the phone if we have a problem and they [IFS] will understand the significance to our business. Even though we’re a relatively small customer for IFS, the support staff, the consultants, they all have enough awareness about what matters to us to deliver a tailored service.“


- Nathan Sheppard, Group IT and Operations Director, ProCam

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