REMA TIP TOP has transformed from traditional service to an outcomes-based approach, by optimizing its resources with IFS Success.

REMA TIP TOP optimizes functionality and performance
REMA TIP TOP has transformed its traditional service to an outcomes-based approach with IFS Success. By centralizing all operations on IFS to structure its data and standardize processes, REMA TIP TOP can ensure consistent customer service and cost-efficient managing of condition-based maintenance programs for customers.

REMA TIP TOP can focus on enhancing customer value, and action and resource any new project instantly with IFS Success.


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“We want to focus on enhancing customer value from our service solution, and IFS enables us do that.”

Thomas Moser

Head of Product Management for Digital Solutions, REMA TIP TOP


Established in Germany a century ago, REMA TIP TOP specializes in Automotive, Material Processing and Surface Protection solutions.

Operating a network of 15 production locations across Germany, France, Poland, South Africa and China, the company has 180 subsidiaries in 100 countries, and employs around 8,000 employees. Global FY 2020 sales revenues were circa 1 billion euros.

Benefits seen by REMA TIP TOP include:

  • De-risking unscheduled downtime
  • Advanced, optimized asset management as a service
  • Powerful data analysis and reporting to support advanced condition-based maintenance

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