Royal IHC aims for increased business agility, transparency and uniformity with ‘ONE IHC’

Dutch maritime specialist Royal IHC managed to roll out a global ERP backbone based on IFS Applications across 37 operating units worldwide in just 2½ years.

Royal IHC are clear on what they want to achieve with IFS Applications and through their plans for a single ERP system, all part of what they describe as ‘One IHC,’ which embraces three elements:
  • One set of master data
  • One set of procedures
  • One set of processes

Discover how they achieve this in our free customer story, and how they now benefit from IFS Applications, the maritime software solution of choice worldwide.


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"The flexibility that IFS has shown with regard to the entire process reassured and satisfied us."

Dave Vander Heyde


About Royal IHC

In an ever-changing political and economic landscape, Royal IHC enables its customers to execute complex projects from sea level to ocean floor in the most challenging of maritime environments. Royal IHC is a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.

Benefits seen using IFS:
  • One reliable ERP backbone that supports the most important business processes within Royal IHC
  • Modular software solutions that help Royal IHC worldwide manage the entire lifecycles of contracts, projects, assets and services
  • The flexibility to adapt to different business models

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One IHC: One platform for all departments

The plans were put into operation in 2013 with the first roll-out phase of IFS. Two and a half years later IFS contributes to integrated cooperation at international level and the solution has already produced a significant reduction in IT costs.
The introduction of the One IHC program with IFS would eliminate the various ERP platforms and increase the flexibility, transparency and clarity of information within Royal IHC.

The harmonization of processes within Royal IHC has already led to less IT maintenance and lower cost as only one platform needs to be maintained and there are fewer failure costs.

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