Shanghai Metro

IFS gives Shanghai Metro the performance edge to move over 8 million passengers daily

Shanghai Metro maintains the Shanghai train network and ensures optimal performance
IFS enables Shanghai Metro Maintenance Department to move over eight million passengers daily by achieving high train utilization through effective maintenance and engineering practices. With real-time information in one central database that can be accessed anywhere across the Shanghai rail network, Shanghai Metro can now analyze performance, strategically plan and execute maintenance and scheduling, manage inventory and warranties, and make timely business decisions that allows the company to achieve high train utilization.

Shanghai Metro defined its business requirements and went to market for a new enterprise asset management (EAM) solution to address its needs and provide full through-life support for all its assets. With 80% of the core business being focused on maintenance and engineering, the new solution had to be rich in functionality to support these core processes including vehicle information management (VIM) and project management capability.


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"Shanghai Metro now delivers high utilization of trains by improving our through-life support of assets to move over eight million passengers daily thanks to IFS."

Xue Bei Yi,

Manager IT Improvement Department, Shanghai Rail Transit Maintenance Support

About Shanghai Metro

Shanghai Rail Transit Metro is a rapid transit system in Shanghai operating 14 metro lines and 331 stations. The Shanghai Metro system ranks third in the world for annual ridership, with 2.5 billion rides in 2013. The sole purpose of Shanghai Rail Transit Metro is to ensure high utilization of trains through maintenance and engineering works.

Benefits seen using IFS
  • Complete through-life support of all assets
  • High utilization of trains
  • Complete visibility into Engineering and Maintenance

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