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Mitec helps Volac implement IFS to gain greater flexibility and build strong customer relationships

Volac chose IFS to replace multiple legacy systems with the purpose of attaining reliable, available information access, to create greater adaptability, flexibility and agility and to build stronger relationships with suppliers and customers to grow its business. Volac needed some guidance on how to extract the full benefits available within IFS, and utilizing IT Works Mitec’s consulting team it has come a long way to reaching those business goals.

Volac is a privately-owned business based near Cambridge, UK with over 320 employees and an annual turnover of over £200 million. Volac has production facilities globally for the manufacture and supply of high performance nutrition products for food and feed markets. Since 2013, all Volac’s UK-based manufacturing, and a large quantity of its global sales offices run IFS, which covers all aspect of its business functionality. 

Benefits seen using IFS: 

  • Visibility of productivity increased by 100%. No prior real-time visibility from the previous system
  • Increase in user engagement
  • Significant increase in supply chain efficiency from the Sleaford production plant

 “We will continue to invest in IFS in all areas of our business to support our aggressive growth plans, and we have absolutely no doubt that we will engage with IFS partner Mitec again in the future to assist in enabling Volac to achieve its future business goals using IFS.” - Mark Large, Head of Business Systems and Processes at Volac.



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