ClickLearn for IFS solves the problems of having to manually create and maintain effective work instructions and related training materials for IFS business processes and making the work instructions available to IFS users at the point of use – inside of IFS. ClickLearn automates the creation and maintenance of work instructions and related training materials and produces them in all required languages and in narrated video formats. It is a rapid ERP adoption and customer satisfaction solution created expressly for IFS ERP. ClickLearn enables IFS customers to get more value, more quickly, out of their investment in IFS.

When a customer does an IFS upgrade, they simply replay their ClickLearn created work instructions in the new version, and ClickLearn automatically identifies any changes in IFS that impact the customer’s work instructions. ClickLearn then creates a new, complete set of work instructions, training materials and Virtual Assistant for the customer’s IFS upgrade.

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