Exsitec work closely with our customers to choose the best-suited solution for their operation and makes sure it works together with existing IT-environment, as well as taking responsibility after the delivery. We believe in a long term relationship!


Exsitec, like IFS, was founded in Linköping, Sweden. We share the culture and work closely with our customers. Just like IFS, we are used to providing deep industry functionality within a broad suite of tools, finding the right combination and solution for our customers.


Working in so many different industries has given us an expertise in how companies operate, and therefore, how they best benefit from the solutions available.


We believe in long term relationships and will continue to make our partnership with IFS bring more value to the users. We have a well experienced staff of about 150 IT consultants and a culture that is well suited with IFS. Together we will help companies stay competitive and have more fun in their everyday work.

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