Tröger IT Business Consulting GmbH

Expertise & Knowledge

For over two decades in IT and process management, we've championed myriad projects both at home and abroad, serving the upscale mid-market and enterprise realms. From pure tool implementation to the rollout of digital command centers and their corresponding operationalization, our prowess spans across diverse tools and manufacturers.

Strong Partnership with IFS Assyst:

We're immensely proud of our profound relationship with IFS Assyst, revered as the trailblazers in embedding ITIL processes within a tool. This partnership not only speaks to our shared history but underscores our mutual dedication to delivering trusted value to customers. For both of us, the customer has always been the central focus, ensuring that we consistently provide unparalleled solutions and meet evolving needs.

Core Competencies:

  • HR Onboarding, Communication, Automation of Standard Tasks
  • Operationalization
  • Customer Value Journey (Workshops)
  • Observability, Monitoring, Event Management, Automation, Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Managed Service & Consultation
  • Transition Management
  • Holistic Project Management
  • Expert for Turnaround Management

Our Consulting Philosophy:

Success in projects hinges on creating win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. We believe that a profit-only consulting approach falls short. Our commitment is to fulfill promises made to our customers, partners, and manufacturers.

Consistent success stems from this foundation: WIN-WIN-WIN! Our independence from manufacturers, coupled with our extensive portfolio, guarantees that we always tailor the most fitting solution to your requirements.

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