Business Modeling 1


The goal is to understand the IFS EOI methodology, basic modelling skills within the IFS EOI object model (Mapping); and designing and creating your own Cockpit pages.
The content of the training focuses on technical and practical aspects and provides the trainee with methodological backgrounds. With these basic EOI modelling skills you will be able to model all Maps and frameworks in the IFS EOI Model Engine. 


The IFS EOI Business Modelers and IFS EOI BI Modeler: The Business Modeler is responsible for modeling the landscapes and frameworks in the Model Engine (MAPPING). To be able to do this, a Business Modeler engages with the customer’s analysts and end-users, by himself or in collaboration with the Business Consultant. The Business Modeler is also responsible for projecting and maintaining the IFS EOI business model onto easy accessible Cockpit pages.
For the BI Modeler it is essential to have Basic Modeling skills, understanding of how the structure of business model is driving data analysis. 
  • Basic Modeling
  • Advanced Modeling 1

At the end of this course, through Trainer explanation, interaction and Hands-on exercises the participants are able to:

  • To be able to use the IFS EOI Instance Designer
  • To be able to use basic and generic IFS EOI modelling functions
  • To be able to model and use the Cockpit interface and configure end user interaction on those Cockpits
  • To be able to translate business models into EOI models and frameworks and be able to project this onto a Cockpit using the different IFS EOI Web Parts

Knowledge: -

Courses: IFS EOI Fundamentals

Exams: Associate level IFS EOI Fundamentals


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2 day