Overcoming manufacturing servitization challenges

With ever increasing internal and external market pressures, manufacturers have been searching for ways to diversify their revenue streams. Within product-oriented businesses, there has been a drive to offer a greater diversity of aftermarket services, we refer to this shift as servitization.

Both those organizations looking to servitize their business, as well as businesses who previously include service contracts or warranty offers, are diversifying the established business models inherent in these approaches. Most notably, organizations are employing contracts based on asset or product outcomes, uptime, and output rather than focusing on a break-fix approach and maintenance contracts.

To help you navigate this new service terrain, IFS has partnered with Noventum to develop this blueprint for servitization success. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can take control of servitization for your business. In it, you’ll find:

  • A detailed and actionable blueprint for how to achieve servitization success, no matter where your business is in the service journey.
  • An outline on the actions your business can take to own your servitization success.
  • A list of the key technologies business are using to deliver exceptional service and reinvent their business models around service outcomes.



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