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Asistencia Remota

Realidad Fusionada para la Colaboración en Tiempo Real


La Asistencia Remota da a los técnicos un acceso instantáneo a expertos que puede ayudarles a resolver los problemas que aparezcan mientras trabajan en el campo. Este modelo remoto permite a los clientes de IFS a utilizar los recursos existentes eficientemente, a reducir costes, y a aumentar los porcentajes de trabajos satisfactorios a la primera.

Whitepaper: what’s your remote assistance strategy?

Key Considerations to Speed, Streamline, and Modernize Service Delivery


This white paper explores the following topics around the importance of having a strong remote service strategy for field service providers. From beginning the remote service journey to thinking ahead about the future of remote service.


Case study: Munters rolls out IFS remote assistance

In this customer story, learn how Munters, a global leader in energy efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agricultural sectors, leveraged the power of IFS Remote Assistance to support both their field and manufacturing operations at a time when Coronavirus was spreading rapidly.

Factsheet: IFS offers the power of remote assistance 

From better utilization of precious resources to reduced truck rolls and lower costs, not to mention a vastly improved customer experience,  remote assistance delivers real value almost instantaneously. IFS Remote Assistance is a merged reality tool that will have an impressive, immediate impact on your business. 

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