IFS.ai in Construction & Engineering

IFS.ai will have significant impact on forecasting, risk management, productivity simulation, and project processes and margins, which in turn will lead to improved accuracy, efficiency, and decision-making in business operations.

How can IFS.ai help?

The construction and engineering industry faces challenges in adopting digital technologies, resulting in inefficiencies, delays, and cost overruns. Embracing AI, Cloud technology and automated processes, the industry can enhance efficiency, reduce waste, meet sustainability goals and improve project delivery performance.

Forecasting & Simulation:

Using historical data to find patterns and enable simulation of future project outcomes.

  • Improve cost control & cash flow forecasting.
  • Dynamically identify risks & opportunities.
  • Intelligent project forecast adjustments.


Take inputs such as goals, constraints, jobs, and resources to optimize outcomes.

  • Intelligent work package planning.
  • Dynamic work package scheduling.
  • Constraint based resource allocation.

Anomaly Detection:

Automatically identify anomalies through thresholds, business logic and real-time data.

  • Identify project exceptions.
  • Identify and prevent data accuracy issues.
  • Responsive & immediate risk mitigation.


Provide users with the insight they need and recommend corrective actions.

  • Suggest monthly forecast exception actions.
  • Guided data entry with recommendation.
  • Project bid and no bid assistance.

Contextual Knowledge:

Analyze large volumes of data to deliver to users in a simple way.

  • Project performance insights.
  • Explainable costs and intelligent drill down.
  • Unstructured data knowledge retrieval.

Content Generation:

Generate content throughout the project to support predictive budgeting and forecasting.

  • Predictive budgeting & forecasting.
  • Generate project lessons learnt.
  • Auto-generate project performance reporting.


  • Products & Services Innovation - 37%
  • Faster time to Market - 35%
  • Internal & External Data accessibility  - 34%  

IFS.ai is Industrial AI:
Organizations can make data the strategic asset they need to build business resilience, mitigate risks, support their sustainability strategy and meet their goals.


It can be hard to know where to start with AI.

IFS has a proven engagement model that drives results for you & your business.

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