State of Service in Manufacturing 2023

The top trends, challenges and innovations for manufacturers

How are automotive, chemical, high-tech, industrial equipment and medical device manufacturers from around the world preparing to embrace the revenue growth, customer loyalty and differentiation opportunities that service represents?


In late 2022, IFS surveyed more than 150 manufacturers to uncover their biggest challenges and initiatives in service management.


From working smarter and optimizing employees to adopting emerging technology and improving the CX, we examine critical innovations and winning mindsets to help identify what’s trending—and ending—for manufacturers. Center stage are initiatives like sustainability; technologies such as automation, predictive analytics, AI and challenges such as developing new as-a-service offerings. Discover how the most innovative manufacturers are overcoming their top pressures and meeting their key objectives.

Read the State of Service in Manufacturing 2023 report to learn:

  • The top 9 service management challenges as ranked by hundreds of manufacturing leaders
  • Real-world examples of success and first-hand advice
  • What tops the service management technology wish lists for manufacturers

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