Tsunami Tsolutions

Tsunami Tsolutions provides expert services in Aero and Defense sustainment, MRO and Aftermarket with an emphasis on power plant management and contract management. Our Maintenix competency allows us to function as a turnkey solution provider with installation, training, configuration, data processing, reporting, upgrade support and help desk capabilities.

We also specialize in system integration, custom software development, process and workflow design and enterprise application support.

Maintenix Support: Installation, L1-3 HD, Integrations, Data Maintenance, Reporting and Configuration Services.

Tsunami Tsolutions has been supporting, migrating and upgrading IFS Maintenix around the world since 2007. Tsunami has subject matter experts in aero aftermarket finance, MRO, forecasting, power plant management and defense that can supplement resources or fully manage engagements involving software and process implementation across a broad spectrum of products and environments.  

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