Explore IFS Customer Experience Management Solutions

IFS Customerville is a design-driven voice of the customer survey solution that elevates feedback and listening across the entire customer journey. With better understanding, you can create products and services that delight customers and deliver when it matters most – at the Moment of Service™.

This approach makes it easy to create and deliver interactive experience-led surveys. Gather higher quality feedback from better-performing surveys that generate significantly improved engagement and elevated response rates to fix your current feedback issues.

With IFS Customerville open up sales opportunities along with benefits like:

  • Connected data across the customer journey
  • Enjoy increased response rates and high quality feedback
  • Flexible solution
  • Engage and motivate employees for continuous service improvements

The solution uniquely blends technology, design, and behavioral science principles to emulate how people naturally share and respond to feedback. Find out more in the fact sheet.

A free enterprise-grade IFS assyst license for a year

Experience effective IT and enterprise service management capabilities that can help you fast-track process digitization and streamline workflows across your entire organization. Simple, at your fingertips and now free for a whole year.

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