Airlines & Fleet Operators: Brochure


IFS business software is unique in offering future-facing end-to-end solutions that leverage efficiencies throughout the commercial aviation industry.

Airlines and fleet operators will need to:

  • Optimize planning and forecasting
  • Meet safety requirements
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Optimize each maintenance service visit
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Identify and manage critical assets
  • Support complex contracts
  • Work with complex programs and organizations
  • Follow up projects in real time
  • Integrate enterprise-wide
  • Achieve connectivity across operation and personnel
  • Optimize parts configuration handling
  • Embrace mobile and remote maintenance

Maximize efficiencies and drive revenue to the bottom line. Learn how IFS business software delivers unique commercial aviation solutions for enterprise resource planning, maintenance and engineering, tail planning optimization, engine MRO and enterprise operational intelligence.


A free enterprise-grade IFS assyst license for a year

Experience effective IT and enterprise service management capabilities that can help you fast-track process digitization and streamline workflows across your entire organization. Simple, at your fingertips and now free for a whole year.

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