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Amefa delivers operational agility with ERP software

Integrated information flows are a critical success factor for Amefa, based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, and active worldwide as a wholesaler of cutlery and kitchen knives. The company has been using IFS Applications since 2008. The Dutch, German and Polish subsidiaries are running the ERP software with other countries going live regularly. Amefa uses IFS Applications to optimize its multi-site logistics environment across a global supply chain.

Amefa hosts the IFS solution at Easynet, a managed network, hosting and telepresence company, in a data center in Schiphol-Rijk, in the Netherlands. In addition, Easynet takes care of the connections with the various subsidiaries worldwide. In 2012, Amefa connected the last two international subsidiaries to the IFS ERP software.


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“It is a stable product that we can manage well by ourselves. We have built up considerable competence over the course of time, which we are benefiting from now because we can handle roll-outs in other countries using our own staff.”

Martin Barkel

IT Manager, Amefa

About Amefa

Netherlands-based Amefa (Apeldoornse Messenfabriek Amefa) was founded in 1931,when the founder, Eugen Hollaender, began manufacturing razors. Faced with the threat of being forced out of the market by bigger manufacturers, he made a timely switch to the production of cutlery. Hollaender traveled the globe in search of trade and new ideas. In 1993 production at Amefa was discontinued, and the company transformed its operations, importing cutlery and kitchen knives from Asia.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Integrated information flows
  • Group-wide insight into sales
  • Agile solution that is easy to manage

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