Anticimex powers IoT with has enabled Anticimex to anaylze data in a completely new way
Incorporating into its IoT platform, Anticimex has transformed its data analytics. Incorporating both systems fundamentally revolutionized their approach to customer engagement and evaluations of their own services. This improved their operations, improving sales figures, operational efficiency and supported organizational growth.


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"Working with IFS in the IoT project they were responsive, they were very cognizant of what we wanted and they listened to us a lot so they could adapt quickly to our needs"

Jussi Ylinen

CEO, Anticimex Finland

About Anticimex

Anticimex operates in 17 countries around the world providing not only pest control but also food safety, building environment services, fire protection and insurance.

Benefits seen using

  • Highly robust solution
  • Scalable
  • Efficient route planning tool
  • Integrated with IoT platform

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IoT and deliver smarter services

To address the challenges posed by pesticides and controlling rodent activity, Anticimex uses to provide better service
Anticimex tackles pesticide challenges and manages rodent activity through their innovative Anticimex SMART digital traps, sensors, and cameras. These traps are both humane and eco-friendly while being highly efficient. They are fully integrated, eliminating the need for on-site technician visits to check trigger status. Data seamlessly integrates into, guiding technicians to specific traps and optimizing their routes. This approach minimizes unnecessary travel, contributing significantly to reducing Anticimex's environmental impact.

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