ATSG converges on next gen MRO

AirTransport Services Group Selects IFS and IFS Maintenix for their MRO partner.

As a leading provider of aircraft leasing and air cargo transportation services,  Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) made the decision to migrate all of its operations to a single, new MRO IT system. After an extensive and rigorous selection process, ATSG chose IFS as its MRO partner, and IFS Maintenix as its new IT platform. 

ATSG had a solid handle on its fleet maintenance requirements, which were the focus of its MRO platform selection process. Three requirements for its MRO partner were paramount: a track record of successful implementations, strong multi-entity functionality, and the ability to perform a “hot cut” migration to minimize downtime and avoid costly parallel operation.


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“IFS Maintenix helped us find our inventory better, and track where it is.”

Paul Harding

Director of IT at ATSG

About ATSG

ATSG provides maintenance and airport ground services, as well as aircraft dry and wet leasing, air cargo lift, passenger aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI), and charter services.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Two airlines managed on the same platform
  • Centralized purchasing model
  • Private cloud, self-hosted implementation with support for remote operations
  • Seamless "Hot-Cut" migration

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