A fast go-live at Aweta with IFS

In 2005 it was already clear that Aweta in Nootdorp needed a new business information system. The existing system was becoming obsolete and was not fully integrated. Due to a full order portfolio, Aweta had to wait until 2007 before it had the time to look for a replacement. After an extensive selection process, Aweta selected the IFS solution and the IFS Expedite implementation methodology.

Thanks to this approach Aweta was able to go live with the new solution within nine months. They were able to increase insight into manufacturing projects in real time and support for their services arm all on a single, integrated ERP software system.



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“A better insight into projects provides a much better view on costs and enables us to easily make adjustments. That is why I am convinced this IFS
solution will have a fast return on investment.”

Cees Hooijschuur

Financial Director at Aweta

About Aweta

Aweta® manufactures sorting and packaging installations for fruit, vegetables and roses. Over 45 years ago, the company developed the first grader for cucumbers and tomatoes. It has since established a name in supplying high-quality systems for the fruit, vegetable and roses industries.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Dramatically improved insight into project status and cost development.
  • Fully integrated system, including services.
  • Improved management reporting through a direct link between logistics and financial administration.
  • Fast implementation by using IFS.

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