Ecolean effortlessly tackles industry challenges with IFS Applications

Ecolean is a young company that is growing rapidly at a rate of 30–40% per year. Therefore, the organization required an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could support its rapid, global growth.
Ecolean required a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

The solution for Ecolean to effortlessly tackling the three challenges of lightweighting, company growth and customer relationship management was IFS.

IFS offered ERP and CRM software that complemented Ecolean’s innovative nature, allowing the company to meet industry challenges and business goals with ease.


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"With IFS Applications, we are prepared to meet the needs of our customer today and in the future."

Per Porenius

Finance Director at Ecolean

About Ecolean

Ecolean is a rapidly growing global packaging company that produces and markets new packaging systems for the liquid food industry.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Manage its R&D processes more efficiently
  • Meet company goals and deadlines
  • Overcome its top challenges with ease

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The customer is the top priority for Ecolean and the ability to build, nurture and manage long-term customer relationships is a necessity.

Lightweight packaging has become a must-have for consumers and a top challenge for companies in the liquid food industry. Consumers seek lightweight packaging because it uses a minimal amount of raw materials and has a lower impact on the environment.
As Ecolean expands across the globe, its customer base will ultimately increase too, leading to the company’s third challenge of managing customer growth.

Whereas a new ERP system would allow Ecolean to address the challenges of lightweighting and company growth, it would not be able to support customer growth.


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