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IFS Ultimo at Kisuma Chemicals: Reducing the downtime by 40%

As a high-risk company, Kisuma falls under the Seveso directive. Since the start of Ultimo at Kisuma Chemicals, they have succeeded in reducing the downtime by 40%. All because of a well thought-out FMECA strategy and its professional registration in IFS Ultimo.

Simultaneously, they have also lifted work safety to a higher lever with the broad use of different HSE modules. Kisuma Chemicals now views its assets as a revenue model instead of an expense.


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"The FMECA strategy in Ultimo has helped us reduce the downtime by 40% and realize considerable cost savings."

Jan Wolf

Reliability Engineer at Kisuma Chemicals

About Kisuma Chemicals

Kisuma Chemicals manufactures synthetic magnesium compounds in Veendam, the Netherlands. Our Hydrotalcite (layered double hydroxides ) and Magnesium Hydroxide products are used by polymer production and processing industries around the world.


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced workplace safety
  • Asset optimization to improve profitability and growth

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