Lou-Rich improves efficiency with IFS

Lou-Rich implemented IFS, including applications for manufacturing, distribution, engineering, financials, and workforce management. 

Since implementing IFS, Lou-Rich has increased consistency in business processes, reduced time spent on documentation, stricter requisition and documentation processes, enhanced controls in engineering, and automation of communication throughout the manufacturing process. The system has improved accessibility to financial and customer information, enabling more accurate issue resolution.



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“The time it takes us to create something in IFS is decreased versus our old processes. Now the time is spent analyzing and doing things rather than creating documentation”

Doug Olson

Engineering Manager

About Lou-Rich

Lou-Rich is a provider of assembly contract engineering and lean manufacturing solutions for various innovative companies worldwide.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • More efficient, consistent business processes
  • Strong mixed-mode manufacturing capabilities
  • Improved cost tracking and documentation
  • Faster response to financial and customer issues
  • Easy integration with legacy systems

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