MPK in Legnica implements IFS to streamline business processes

In order to manage its modern bus fleet in a more effective manner, in 2012 MPK in Legnica implemented IFS to provide ERP support for its operations.

The Board noticed the need to streamline business processes, in particular in the area of technical support services provided for its fleet of buses. In 2010, they decided to implement an integrated ERP system and started to search for an appropriate solution that would meet the industry-specific requirements of the city transport system.

Before implementing IFS, MPK had been using several standalone tools to manage areas of the company’s operations. There was a need to streamline business processes, therefore in 2012, MPK in Legnica implemented IFS to provide ERP support for its operations. 


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“In particular, the implementation has been beneficial for the technical department. It helped improve control of the maintenance and material handling areas. Now, we have access to real-time data concerning our spare parts stock levels..."

Janusz Dulik

Technical & Maintenance Manager

About MPK sp. z o.o. in Legnica

MPK sp. z o.o. in Legnica has been operating as a company since 1996. The company provides services in the scope of regular and special public transport (also for the disabled), vehicle roadworthiness tests (all types), parking, vehicle maintenance and repair, tire repair and replacement and advertising exposure.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Real-time access to business data
  • Process automation of financials and accounting
  • Improved cost control
  • Improved material handling effectiveness
  • Streamlined repairs planning

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