Prevac Streamlines Production and Project Management by Implementing IFS

Prevac is a manufacturer of research equipment for high and ultra-high vacuum applications.
To optimize their complex manufacturing processes and make-to-order projects, Prevac implemented the IFS ERP system. This system streamlines various aspects of their operations, including manufacturing, project management, documentation management, maintenance, customer relationship management, sales, service, finance, human resources, and payroll.


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"Advanced planning of production and projects has become a reality, and with the data collected in these processes, we can use our resources and potential more efficiently,”

Mariusz Czarnecki



Prevac employs highly qualified staff of 150 professionals, of whom 38 are R&D constructors, manufacturing engineers and software developers.

IFS Benefits

  • Instant access to management information
  • Real-time access to manufacturing information
  • Data integrity and centralized data entry
  • Advanced project and production management
  • Optimized use of enterprise resources
  • Automatic procurement planning

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