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Scaled up for global business: How IFS helps Spang & Company thrive in a rapidly-changing international marketplace

Supporting ambitious business plans globally was at the heart of Spang’s choice of IFS as its replacement ERP platform, a decision that has paid off over time as the company goes faster, responds faster, and delivers faster to the market since the first implementation.

Founded in 1894, Spang & Company is a diversified manufacturing company. Through the work of three unique product lines, Spang designs, produces and supplies precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry and custom engineered solutions to the power industry.

With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Spang & Company provides products and services on a worldwide scale, with sales offices and manufacturing plants around the globe.

IFS has enabled Spang to quickly get the information required to make business decisions faster:

“We can put together a financial pitch faster than we would be able to otherwise. We have been able to go fast, respond faster, and deliver faster to the market since we implemented IFS. Our entire company is running IFS. Our warehousing, manufacturing facilities, sales staff—they are all running it.” 
- Brian Buddemeyer, IT Director at Spang & Company

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