System Bolaget

Streamlined processes are key at Systembolaget

With IFS, Systembolaget has streamlined their operations by centralizing assortment, warehouse and distribution processes.
Systembolaget implemented IFS to centralize assortment planning, logistics, and financial management. Before adopting IFS, the company had a mix of homegrown IT systems, leading to a lack of coordination and a fragmented view of operations.

With IFS, they achieved centralized assortment and logistics management. Each store manager now has flexibility to adapt to local conditions and trends. The company's finance department also gained continuous access to company-wide financial information.


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“IFS is a key business tool for us”

Mats Petersson

IT at Systembolaget

About Systembolaget

Systembolaget is the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly responsible for selling alcoholic beverages in Sweden.

Benefits seen using IFS
  • Streamlined processes
  • Rapid access to critical figures
  • Easier management of supply chains
  • Better coordination
  • Greater efficiency
  • Centrally managed logistics

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