Whitford Worldwide Customer Story

Whitford Worldwide Now Runs On IFS Globally

Whitford Worldwide, a wholly owned subsidiary company of PPG Industrial Coatings, provides material coatings for a wide range of vertical markets. With the high complexitiy of its supply chains, Whitford utilizes IFS to connect all its locations which in turn is helping the firm unify all its processes.

Founded in 1969, Whitford is a worldwide organization operating in every major market in the world whose products are selling in more than 100 countries. Whitford makes the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world along with many other related products.

Benefits using IFS

  • Integrated data across multiple sites
  • Single view of business data
  • Complete view of financial information
  • Real-time information on process data
  • Embedded CRM functionality
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