IpartnerNet GmbH

With over 15 years of group-experience in reorganization and IT-projects we know exactly where pitfalls are. ERP Readiness Workshops in front are designed to address implementation risks by providing structured one-day events for senior managers and ERP implementation project teams respectively, if necessary. We will identify what an organization will be able to deliver and when external support will be necessary or helpful. We use the standard implementation method of IFS as a basis, but will keep the focus on finding the right solution and the best fit to your demands. Communication is key in such complex projects. Therefore we keep an eye on this and with our mediation skills we will ensure the success of the project, so the transition to new roles, responsibilities and organisational structures is managed effectively. Our target is an optimized implementation and/or usage of the ERP-system IFS Applications coordinated with the business processes of your company.

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