Armatury Group

IFS helps increase the productivity of Armatury Group a.s.

When Armatury Group a.s. was founded 2000, it implemented business solutions from Navision as its corporate information technology solution. After an upgrade in 2002 the company’s legacy solutions proved to be unstable with respect to the increasing volume of data that was being generated as business grew. After implementing MIS and controlling applications, the data retrieved from the legacy applications continued to show inaccuracies, especially in respect of stock records.

By implementing IFS Applications, Armatury Group has been able to simplify its production and integrate business-critical processes such as engineering and manufacturing. Other significant benefits include greater, real-time cost monitoring and considerably enhanced production planning.


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"IFS helps us to gradually improve our productivity in the long-term. We are improving the overall competitiveness of the company by simplifying production processes and by being able to analyze the real costs per order"

Ing. Mgr. Ondřej Benda

Chief Financial Officer

About Armatury Group

Armatury Group a.s. was founded in 2000 by merging three companies operating in the Czech and Slovak markets. It continues in the more than 100-yearold
tradition of industrial production in the Hlučínsko region.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Simpler production processes.
  • Integrated construction, technology and production.
  • Shop order evaluation according to real costs.
  • Better production planning.

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