IFS Supports HYDRO LEDUC’s Growth

HYDRO LEDUC needed a reliable ERP solution to support its development plans.
By embracing IFS's robust ERP solution in 2022, the company witnessed a significant transformation. With 10,000 daily stock transactions and 600+ accounting entries, the need for real-time data became crucial. IFS delivered a tailored, user-friendly solution, empowering precision and employee skill enhancement. Now, with a solid partnership between IFS and K-4U, HYDRO LEDUC aims for a €100 million turnover by 2025, expanding its IFS Cloud integration globally. 


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"The IFS solution allows us to have a more detailed analysis of our performance; it's a completely integrated tool."

Jérémy Derome

Secretary-General, HYDRO LEDUC


HYDRO LEDUC specializes in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydraulic components.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Increased responsiveness through real-time information and reliable data
  • Improved precision and traceability on components
  • More detailed performance analysis with daily dashboards
  • Stronger cohesion within the company
  • Scalable and adapted solution to support growth 

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