Upstream Oil and Gas Production Software

Industry-leading production software that allows you to operate more efficiently through an end-to-end, integrated solution.

Optimize production by bringing together data capture and validation, real-time data visualization, event and alert monitoring, accurate allocations, and seamless handovers in a cohesive way. Drive better business results through data-backed decision making.

Production software that manages over 50% of U.S. wells

Monitor and improve production operations through effective collection, accounting, and reporting of accurate and validated production data with end-to-end production software that manages over 500,000 wells across every major shale play and offshore.

Operational data and actionable insights

Optimize your assets with operational intelligence software. Empower teams from across your entire operation to collaborate on connected data within a single work environment. Leverage real-time diagnostics, surveillance, and work management capabilities.


Mobile field data capture

Connect the field and back office. Benefit from seamless data capture and validation of all field data whether measured electronically through SCADA, or manually entered and validated by your field operators. Join the 22,000+ field operators that use IFS’ industry-leading mobile field data capture software.

Simple to complex production allocation management

Drive accurate hydrocarbon allocations, track variances to plan, manage deferments, and integrate with revenue. Eliminate data discrepancies impacting downstream processes with IFS’ production data management solution that delivers a single source of truth for better reporting and quicker decisions.

Effortless operational logbook and shift handover

Improve safety, communication and production efficiencies through structured and comprehensive operational logs and shift handover. Gain real-time and situational awareness against production KPI’s using integrated timeseries data. Collaborate on a common system of record, and benefit from an expansive array of customizable workflows.

Route surveillance for efficient operations

Provide operators with the insights needed to prioritize tasks and routes. Leverage pre-configured diagnostic displays with real-time data validation, integration with SCADA, and case management.

Production Capabilities

  • IFS Merrick | End-to-End Management of Production Operations
  • IFS Merrick – Field Operator | Mobile Field Operations
  • IFS Merrick – eVIN | Field Data Capture
  • IFS Merrick – ProCount | Hydrocarbon Accounting
  • IFS Merrick – Carte | Reporting & Analytics
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Explorer | Visualizations & Diagnostics 
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Sentinel | Surveillance & Notifications
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Shift Log | Logbooks and Shift Handover
  • IFS Energy & Resources – A-Plus |  Loss & Availability Accounting
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Verify | Mobile Field Forms and Data Capture 
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Well Test | Well Test Management
  • IFS Energy & Resources – Reconcile | Store production data, manage asset structure and associated calculations

Pre-configured engineering workflows

Solve the challenge of automating time consuming and highly customized engineering, optimization, or technical workflows and achieve coordinated and prioritized task management with a common environment for multi-discipline collaboration.

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