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Industry-leading production software for upstream oil and gas professionals.

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Monitor and improve production operations and results through the effective collection, accounting, and reporting of accurate and validated production data with end-to-end production software that manages over 500,000 wells across every major shale play.

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Mobile field operations

IFS Merrick – Field Operator enables operators to seamlessly capture and validate measurement data, integrate with SCADA and other data sources, and perform industry-standard calculations. Field Operator simplifies the daily challenge of managing large portfolios of wells and equipment and remote operations.

Operating by exception

IFS Merrick – Route Surveillance combined with Field Operator provides engineers, superintendents, foremen, and field operators exception-based alerts and task management, enabling data and analytics-based workflows that reduce drive times, support safety, and optimize production.

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Field data capture

IFS Merrick – eVIN provides data entry, industry measurement calculations, and other data processing, as well as data verification and validation from all entry sources. Tried and true for over 20 years in handling field data capture needs both offshore and onshore.

Hydrocarbon accounting

IFS Merrick – ProCount, backed by the industry's most powerful allocation engine, is a hydrocarbon accounting solution that has been addressing complex allocation requirements for oil and gas companies operating globally, both onshore and offshore, for over 25 years.

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Reporting and analytics

IFS Merrick – Carte is a reporting and analytics solution that enables customers, from the field through the C-suite, to visualize, graph, and analyze production data by a single well, field, or across all assets. It enables teams to monitor and analyze allocated data against daily and monthly production targets.

Innovative, trusted, ubiquitous

Oil and gas operators from all over the U.S. have weighed in, and IFS Merrick continues to be the most trusted, widely used, and innovative production solution on the market.


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