IFS Energy & Resources - Well Test: Brochure

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Well test management, multiphase flow rate calculation and reporting

Plan, execute, capture, calculate, and analyse well test data in a consistent manner, independent of any specific control system and/or data historian.

Learn how IFS Energy & Resources - Well Test:

  • Enables operators and engineers to perform well tests across multiple control system environments over the intranet
  • Removes the implicit overhead incurred by solutions deployed within the control domain
  • Streamlines the well test initiation, validation, and approval process
  • Eliminates error-prone and time-consuming manual data entry/manipulation process
  • Leverages structure and data source integration available in Server and provides
  • seamless integration with Operational Intelligence
  • Ensures regularity compliance with well test scheduling and full auditing of well test dates, data, results, and approval processes



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