HOIST Global Tech Solutions Inc

Hoist's co-founders and 185+ team members across the globe are comprised of a combination of previous IFS customers and IFS employees. 


We know what delivering exceptional service looks like, and through the use of standard methodologies, we deliver a consistent and concise product, from implementation projects to support offerings. Our cross functional teams service a diverse portfolio of industries – all of the core industries traditionally targeted by IFS.


Hoist has a strong belief in IFS's capabilities and vision, and our focus and growth has come from successfully helping customers maximize their investment and realize value in their business. Through multi-region and multi-language approaches, Hoist has become a Global Systems Integrator of IFS. In addition to our strong presence in Canada and the US, we have offices in UK, Dubai, Colombia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.


We can deliver projects fluently in many languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

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