Scenario Analysis Software (WISE): The answer before the question

How will a large increase in workload impact performance? How will a sudden reduction of workforce affect the business? What resources and skills are necessary to achieve specified targets against specified demand? These are all tough capacity forecasting questions that the ‘What-If’ scenario explorer (WISE) provides answers to thanks to advanced predictive analytics and the ability to easily create simulations.


If you are anticipating a change in workforce size, IFS WISE will enable you to plan what demand you can deliver and what to prioritize; when bidding instead for a new service contract or when expanding to a new region you will be able to rely on accurate recommendations on the additional resources needed, from their number to their placement and the skills they will need.

The what-if scenario explorer (WISE) featured in IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization means that your ideas can be thoroughly tested before you put them into practice. Using a wide range of 'what-if scenarios' you can enter any situation with the backing of a highly accurate prediction of the consequence of your actions. By testing before committing to a course of action you minimize your risk and maximize your profits. IFS PSO enables you to benefit from:

  • Cost-saving territory rebalancing
  • More accurate bidding costs for additional work
  • Better alignment of your resource locations to demand locations, resulting in reduced travel costs



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