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IFS Foundation

Helping break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka

The IFS Foundation is a group of independent, charitable organizations set up to help break the poverty cycle in Sri Lanka. Working in partnership with IFS, the Foundation is investing in a series of projects with local communities in remote and rural areas to renovate schools and hospitals, improve access to fresh water, and create employment opportunities. The IFS Foundation is a registered UK charity, no.1191843 and a registered US 501(c)3 charity EIN 84-4440168.

Why Sri Lanka?

IFS has maintained a presence in Sri Lanka for more than 20 years. One third of our global workforce is based in Colombo. IFS relies on work performed there for R&D, global support, offshore delivery and shared services. Investing in poverty alleviation in Sri Lanka is a means of expressing gratitude, and giving something back to a community that serves IFS, its customers and its partners, so well. 

Why a foundation?

We established a foundation to ensure independence, and to create a model that will carry out work well into the future. An independent foundation ensures transparency and proper governance.

IFS will continue to work closely with the IFS Foundation on projects in Sri Lanka. IFS has maintained a long-term commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a company, we think it right to give something back to the communities in which we operate. In partnership with the Foundation, we are able to harness the fund-raising power of our global organization and concentrate it on one project. That will help us go beyond servicing an issue and make a real, long term impact, by creating self-sustaining communities.

How will this work?

With basics like sanitation in place and quality schools and hospitals nearby, as well as the creation of new employment opportunities, kids stand a better chance of getting a decent education and securing the skills they need to find proper employment. Over time we hope each community we work with becomes more autonomous, so that the IFS Foundation can move on to helping the next community.

IFS Foundation Cookbook

Employees of the IFS AB Group shared their much-loved recipes to create the IFS Foundation Cookbook. Filled with delicious recipes from across the world, this is sure to inspire you to try something new! You can download your copy here. Please consider donating £10 to support the work of the IFS Foundation. Thank you for your support.


Donate now!

Want to help us make an impact? Together we can make a real difference for people in Sri Lanka.

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